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Evaluation system

Students' performance is evaluated on the basis of following criteria:

Attendance is a vital component of SMIT’s academic system as we believe that a student must be present inside the classroom on regular basis for effective teaching-learning process

Projects / Assignments & Seminars / Presentations
As per the guidelines of university, the institute conducts seminars & workshops. As a part of internal evaluation, students are also supposed to give presentations and submit projects & assignments on specific topics assigned to them.

Practical Assessment & Viva Voce
Practical Assessment & Viva Voce

Continuous Assessment
As per the university norms, evaluation of students is done not only at the time of examinations but throughout the semester. A student is provided multiple opportunities to perform and to improve his/her performance throughout the semester.

Under this practice, a student is asked to prepare and submit assignments, projects,presentations and seminars followed by class tests, unit tests and practical tests. The components of these assessments vary with the nature of the subject. All these components and their weight age are well communicated to the students at the start of the semester.

Mid-Semester Examinations
The purpose of mid-semester examinations is to prepare the students for University examinations in terms of structure/pattern of Question paper and time management during the written examination. It is generally conducted in the mid of the semester (after half the session is over) and includes approximately 60-70% of the total syllabus of the course.

Semester and ( University ) Examinations
These examinations are conducted by the University at the end of semester. It includes the examination of all the subjects which may be in the form of written examination, practical, viva-voce, presentation or any other prescribed mode of conducting evaluation.

Overall Behaviour of an Individual Throughout The Semester
At SMIT, we believe that only academic performance is not important. Students are also rated upon the level of discipline they maintain and performance in extracurricular activities.

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