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SMIT STUDENTS Shine at SPORTS events organized by KSKVKU

SMIT Women and Men shine at the KSKVKU sports events that were organized in last month. Riya Francis for the 2nd consecutive year won the Women’s Chess and is selected for nationals. Vruti Soni stood 1st in Judo, followed by Priyanshi Hirani 2nd and Krina Prekh 2nd in their respective weight categories. Through brilliant performances from Dholu Dixit and Foram Bhanushali SMIT gained 2nd rank in Badminton competition. Girls Janvi Prajapati and Priyanshi Hirani once again made SMIT proud by achieving 2nd rank in weight lifting in respective events. Women’s Kabaddi team secured 3rd rank and one of the students Mital Bhadra was selected for nationals. Boys facing a tough competition ended up 3rd in Volleyball and two of the students Dholu Dixit and Chirag Gusai were selected for nationals.